Managing Director of Operations

As Managing Director of Operations, Byrd oversees all operational areas of the liquidation process to minimize expenses and maximize returns at the store-level as well as at multi-unit, regional, and national levels. His responsibilities include management of inventory, finances, operations, and communications, store operations, store-closings and reorganizations, and sales of fixtures and other company assets, and the development and execution of strategic marketing plans.

In his tenure with Eaton Hudson, Byrd has led 40 J.C. Penney’s store liquidations across the United States, the “Famous Department Store” salvage liquidation involving relocation of McRae’s Department Store inventory from the Gulf Coast to Chicago, the Storehouse Furniture multi-unit liquidation, the Tweeter/SoundAdvice liquidation, Mervyn’s, Circuit City, Toys R Us and Treasure Island.

Previously, Byrd served on the executive management team of a lumber and wood products wholesale brokerage, overseeing inventory valuation and managing distribution channels and transportation, and as Chief Operating Officer for an internet-based lumber brokerage.

Byrd served in the United States Marine Corps and was Honorably Discharged in 1993.