Our Services at Eaton Hudson

Store Closings, Relocations, Promotions, Going Out of Business Strategies

When business is down, closing the doors doesn’t have to be your only option.  We have decades of experience in sales consulting and retail liquidations — working with large chains, small store chains, individual stores. Our marketing plans include sales promotions that are designed to protect the image of your business while maximizing revenues upon the closing of one or more locations. We’re also experienced in running retail operations while they are in the process of closing.

Eaton Hudson has the expertise, staff, and inventory to make your going out of business sale a positive and successful experience. We’ll provide marketing plans designed for your store and tailored to your market. When inventory levels are low, we’re able to bring in merchandise appropriate for your customer. Our team includes former executives from Silverman Consultants, Schottenstein Stores, Gordon Brothers, Hudson Capital, who have a proven track record of getting clients the most value out of closing their stores.

Retail Inventory

Retailers need strategic solutions to managing their inventory, assets and real estate expansion strategies in today’s volatile and challenging business environment.  Eaton Hudson’s asset disposition professionals have years of experience evaluating and liquidating all classes of inventory.  Our team applies its long-standing expertise to providing solutions to the pressing problems that retailers face today, including management of excess, obsolete and discontinued inventory, changing geographic and demographic circumstances, unproductive store sites and real estate and liquidity issues.

Fixed Assets

Eaton Hudson’s fixed asset experience includes retail stores, corporate offices, restaurants, warehouses, distribution centers and production plants. We work to optimize the value of a company’s furniture, fixtures and equipment when closing underperforming locations, relocating or remodeling. Our consultants work directly with clients to determine the fee-based, performance-based or purchase plan that works best for each situation

Wholesale Inventory

The value of inventory shifts depending on the channel in which it sits, the season in which it is sold, and the cost of bringing it to market. We leverage our understanding of the consumer products marketplace and our relationships in the wholesale distribution channel to develop the right strategies to maximize recoveries on excess wholesale inventories.

Jewelry Advisors

Our Eaton Hudson Jewelry Advisors office is based in Charleston, South Carolina, and led by the former executives of Silverman Consultants – Bob Epstein and John Jones. We offer sales strategy and direction to jewelry stores of every size. As well-known jewelry sales consultants and jewelry store liquidators, we have experience working with large and small jewelry store chains to effectively manage all your locations while closing one or moreOur team has built their reputation on successfully turning around jewelry businesses, selling off inventory, and liquidating entire stores. We apply proven strategies designed specifically for the jewelry business, whether you’d like higher revenues, retirement strategies, a jewelry business liquidation, or a successful promotional event.

Real Estate

Eaton Hudson works collaboratively with retailers and financial sponsors to restructure retail real estate portfolios to maximize value and minimize liabilities. We can tailor store closing projects to achieve the goal of minimizing real estate liabilities. We can actively invest in real estate assets including designation rights.


Eaton Hudson’s Appraisal Team knows market values. We’ve delivered over $2 billion in valuations across industries of retail, automotive, healthcare, technology, education, food service, machinery and equipment, and FF&E. We realize the need for expertise in providing accurate appraisals to help business, schools and financial institutions evaluate their current position and make informed decisions for the situation they may be in.

We are able to provide an approach to value to suit your needs. The assistance we provide through our appraisal division will help you determine the method for maximizing collateral whether it be a new loan, re-organization, workout, turnaround, fresh start or liquidation. Appraisals of tangible and non-tangible business assets are main focus of our valuation service performed for the purposes of asset-based lending, workouts, turnarounds, debt restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, consolidations, replacement, and insolvency situations. Valuation approaches included onsite inspections, depreciation methodologies, historical prior sales and desirability in marketplace.

Whatever your business or need, we promise, you can depend on our valuation experts to accurately determine the fair market value of your inventory.

Collegiate Asset Disposition Service

Eaton Hudson’s Collegiate Asset Disposition Services (CADS) addresses the higher education institution’s closing of public and private universities and colleges. CADS offers asset valuation and advisory serves to help these higher educations institutions through the process and works to dispose of its assets to help pay off its debt.

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