Eaton Hudson's Collegiate Asset Disposition Services

Moody’s Investment Services predicted closures to triple in with as many as 15 institutions a year to shut their doors for good by 2017.

 Eaton Hudson’s Collegiate Asset Disposition Services (CADS) addresses the higher education institution’s closing of public and private universities and colleges. CADS offers asset valuation and advisory serves to help these higher educations institutions through the process and works to dispose of its assets to help pay off its debt.

Many administrators find themselves in a difficult position trying to manage the different parties and assets involved at the school.  Even the smallest of institution closings have complicated and often overlooked steps to take, paying off creditors, transferring endowments, informing regulators and the selling of assets. Presidents and trustees can be uncertain how to proceed.

Eaton Hudson provides valuation, advisory and analytical services to colleges to help these institutions understand the value of all of their tangible and intangible asset classes. Using this knowledge, and applying our 16 years of experience extracting value from assets, we then work with the seller and its advisors to develop and recommend strategies, which can be incorporated into the overall sale process in order to realize maximum value.

The distinct sales process of the assets in the field of higher education requires special consideration. As the only asset valuation firm with a division focused specifically on colleges, Eaton Hudson has the specific expertise colleges need.  Our professionals understand the importance of brand reputation and relationships in this industry.


Eaton Hudson provides the jewelry industry’s most accurate and reliable jewelry appraisals and jeweler valuations, and we are capable of effectively handling even the largest appraisal.
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So you finally decided to reap the rewards of all the time you’ve spent building a successful retail business. You’ve determined it’s time to retire. Now comes the most important decision of your life, how to maximize your assets and convert them to the highest possible return, being sure you’re retiring in high style.
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Going out of business

Eaton Hudson has the experience and the expertise to plan and market your sales event to maximize your profits. Whether your store is large or small, we have the expertise, staff, and jewelry inventory to make your going out of business sale a positive and successful experience.
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Store Closing

At times, closing one store means the others will thrive, yet this presents a special set of challenges for the owner of multiple jewelry stores. Eaton Hudson is experienced in managing “store closing” sales and understands how to create successful sales strategies for situations where other stores continue to operate.
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When business is down, closing the doors shouldn’t be your first option.  Eaton Hudson understands that sometimes a new marketing plan is in order.  Perhaps a change in strategy or location can create a boost in sales.
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