Ben Etri

Advisor Emeritus

During a 32-year career at Sears, Ben worked at headquarters and in the field, leading projects in the company’s Retail, Catalog, Distribution, Credit and Product Services divisions.  In 1993, Ben developed the business plan to exit the company’s historic $4 billion Sears Catalog, the most successful liquidation in North America.  Throughout this process, Ben and a senior team managed the movement of merchandise through the entire distribution /sales cycle, liquidating inventory, terminating leases, and selling fixtures.

After leaving Sears, Ben spent 12 years consulting for Gordon Brothers, a leading international asset disposition firm. He managed projects on-site for on-going concerns and distressed companies in bankruptcy. To maximize financial value, Ben implemented tailored operational strategies to expedite the liquidation of aged inventory, and the closure of underperforming stores.  In this role, he gained expertise in industries such as general merchandise, discount, footwear, home improvement, electronics, furniture, auto parts, catalog showrooms, apparel chains, and farm receivables.

Ben received his BBA in Accounting from Hofstra University, and has an MBA with a specialty in Finance from Benedictine University.