Eaton Hudson, Inc. announced “disposition sale of historic Concordia College

On Monday, November 26, 2018  Eaton Hudson, Inc. announced that it was beginning the “disposition sale process of assets and operational items at historic Concordia College.”
Concordia College shut down operations at the end of the 2018 Spring semester due to a decline in enrollment and financial issues. The final graduating class received their diplomas on April 28.
Eaton Hudson will oversee the sale of a variety of the school’s assets, including furniture and vehicles, as well as lab equipment, athletic equipment, IT equipment, maintenance equipment and more

The sale of these items will open to the public Friday in the school’s former recreation center and will coincide with an online auction of school memorabilia available to Concordia College alumni to be announced in the coming
“Our collegiate asset disposition experts will be on-site to conduct this important project for Concordia College using a combination of online and onsite sales and auctions to deliver the maximum value for all of their assets,” said
Eaton Hudson CEO Jim Schaye in a press release.
“Our leadership team has visited the school on many occasions and respects the foundation they have laid down in the community,” said Eaton Hudson Collegiate Asset Disposition Director Sarah Thobae. “We will work closely
with school ofcials
to utilize infrastructure in place and ensure the sale is managed in a careful and efcient
In 1922, Concordia College was established in a rented cottage to train church workers.
The Synodical Conference purchased 13 acres in Selma shortly thereafter and founded Alabama Luther College. The name was changed to Concordia in 1981 and gained accreditation from the Southern Association for Colleges
and Schools in 1994 as a bachelor’s degree-granting institution.
Further information on the upcoming auctions will be made available through the Concordia College Alabama Facebook page.

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